Due to the landlord, we will NO LONGER be able to continue our cruise nights at California Pizza Kitchen!
Please DO NOT show up to our next cruise night or ANY other cruises that were originally listed for the rest of the season or else you will be immediately turned away.
We ask that you PLEASE help spread the word to anybody who may not find out about the unfortunate change through our facebook/website. We don’t want anybody to accidentally show up who did not get word in time!
IF anybody has any possible suggestions on where we may possibly be able to finish off the rest of our cruise nights for at least the remainder of this season it would be appreciated!
We thank everybody who came to our cruises and supported us over the years and even though this is sad news we do hope that every single one of you still get to enjoy the rest of the car cruise season supporting all of the other local car clubs!
Thank you again everybody!

- Mopars of Westchester